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About us

                             Our Mission



Charity Rest Ministries seeks to be a Biblical ministry of Excellence designed to encourage life transformation through our threefold purpose: to Evangelize, Edify, and Equip the whole person to serve the community and reach the world for Jesus Christ. We strive to be compassionate in our love, excellent in our service, holy in our living, and passionate and reverent in our worship.

                                                                           Vision Statement

To build a family of devoted followers of Christ that worship God, shares Christ hope, love, and minister to each other’s needs.

our pastor:
Elder Raleigh Murray

Son of Savannah Samuels and Johnnie Murray. Pastor Murráy was born in Shreveport, Louisiana to non-traditional older parents. With 20 older brothers and sisters, he was raised like an only child. He is a proud father of three children Jean-Luc S. Murráy, Mahogany S. H. Murráy, Christen J. Murráy. After graduating high school Pastor Murráy joined the Louisiana Army National Guard and attended Louisiana State University in Shreveport. He earned a B.S. in Mathematics. Pastor Murráy pursued a career in Information Technology and started at the Over Brooks Veterans Affairs Medical Center as a computer specialist. 

After accepting his calling in the ministry Pastor Murráy started teaching Sunday school at Greater Lighthouse Church of God in Christ in Ferris, Texas under the leadership of Pastor R. C. Willis.  He went to clergy classes and was ordained an Elder under the Texas Northeast First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in 2003 lead by Bishop James Neaul Haynes. To further his education, he earned an MBA from University of Phoenix and later a MS in Software Engineering from University of Texas at Dallas. Intrigued by studying, he delves into scripture religiously with tenacity prayerfully looking to find a sermonic word to feed God’s people. Pastor Murráy has worked in a number of ministries over the years all focusing on the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Two of his favorite scriptures that may provide some insight to his unique character are as follows:

2 Timothy 2: 15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. 

Matthew 11:12 And from the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence, and the violent take it by force.

His unassuming, meek, and mild manner takes the background when he begins to discuss the word of God.

Marble Surface
Elder Stephen Floyd

Born in Alton, Illinois (Feb. 14, 1962).  His mother took him to Extension, Louisiana as an infant to be raised by his grandparents.  His education began 2 years before segregation ended in 1972 in Louisiana. Elder Floyd graduated from Winnsboro High School, home of the Fighting Wildcats.  After high school he attended Northeast Louisiana University in 1980.  He majored in Radiologic Technology and graduated with a 3.06 GPA. Elder Floyd received his BS in Radiology Science. His first place of employment was at Parkland Memorial Hospital in 1986.  He met his beautiful wife in college before graduating.  He was drawn to her Bible Study meetings that were being held on campus.  They were united in Holy Matrimony in December of 1987.  To this union three beautiful daughters were born. They are the proud grandparents of three handsome grandsons.

In his youth the calling of the Lord was upon him and his love for God word and ministry grew each day. God is the true foundation of his life.  Under the leadership of Elder RC Willis, he accepted the call of the Lord.  Later in his ministry he joined Charity Rest COGIC to help build a church for all.  Bring your sick, tired, wounded, outcasts. God will envelope them in His Charity and cause them to enter in His Rest. 

Elder Floyd loves to read, watch movies, cook/baking and family gatherings. Being surrounded by his family and friends are an extremely important part of his life. Listening to music especially Gospel music is an essential part of his life. Words of encouragement to each of you “The Word of God is life to them that find it”. Scriptures continuously affects his life and walk with Christ. Elder Floyd is partial to the number of Psalms 23.  Each verse, I can attest to.  God is good all the time and all the time God is good.  

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